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Jo Brody's Art Supplies


Carved Eraser Printmaking

Description: New to printmaking? Let's start with carving rubber erasers! We will work from spontaneous doodles and make personalized, quirky rubber stamps that you can use for decorating collage papers, letter writing, and many other creative projects. You’ll leave with some beautiful collage papers and a set of 5 notecards and envelopes. This is a fast and easy way to jump into the exciting world of block printing! Cost: $70 includes all materials, and coffee/tea and snacks for sustenance!

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Friday, APRIL 26th, 6pM-10PM Basic Jewelry Design

Description:Learn about the different materials and tools used for stringing beads into unique and wearable creations. We cover wire wrapping, clasps and knotting between beads. You'll learn how to design a piece using the concepts of balance, color and mixing materials. All materials and tools are supplied (including some beads from my personal stash) and you will leave the class with a necklace or a bracelet and earrings (or both if you work fast!) that will inspire you to begin a beading adventure of your own! Cost: $70 includes all materials and wine and cheese for sustenance!

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SATURDAY APRIL 27th, 10AM-2PM Found Treasures

Description:Do you have sentimental pendants or strands of pretty beads gathering dust in your jewelry box? Learn how to re-purpose these found treasures into wearable jewelry! I will share my secrets for sourcing thrift store beads and pendants. Make simple beaded necklaces and wire-wrapped earrings that you'll love wearing! All materials and tools and some thrift store finds are provided. You'll have even more fun if you bring your own pendants and beads. Take a special piece handed down from a relative and make it fun to wear, in your own style and colors! Cost: $70 includes all materials and coffee/tea and snacks for sustenance!

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BIG NOTE! If you sign up for both beading classes it’s $120 for both classes. The back to back jewelry classes are not repetitive in content and offer a great chance to solidify your new skills. Great deal, lotsa beading! If you sign up for all three classes it will be $175-Such a dang deal!



Jo is a fabulous teacher! She makes it fun and allows for people to find their own style. After one class, I have become addicted to beading - its so therapeutic!

-Libby Miller

Jo taught me how to design jewelry with intention. She helped me take old, drab necklaces and create a stylish and funky new piece that I wear proudly not just because I made it myself but because it actually rocks!

-Anna Sky