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423 Southeast 69th Avenue
Portland, OR, 97215
United States

Meet Jo

Meet Jo Brody

I have always mixed creative activity with connecting people together. Inside hand-made shoebox dollhouses peopled with mod Barbie dolls and groovy 60’s-style cardboard furniture, there was relationship-building going on. Complex webs of friendships and romances made for hours of fun and conversation (albeit with myself).   My early house building developed into a passion for anything handmade and involving decorating magazines. I have infused my artwork and my life with my obsession for bold colors, touchable textures and funky patterns.   As a grownup, together with my artist husband, I hand-built a real house, an “Earthship” (a solar home with tires and tin cans for walls) in Taos, New Mexico. During our Taos years we owned a business making and selling jester hats at renaissance fairs, a cottage industry that supported our home building. Really! Along the way we raised two really cool young men who love making music, helping others, writing and working hard and generally making mama (and papa) proud.



Jo is someone with exceptional abilities. I met Jo when together we co-created an innovative healing program for women. Witnessing Jo's special signatures, her organizing and artistic talents, blossom into a successfully sustained oasis for women, I realized there was no stopping her commitment and devotion to the outpouring of love for life and beauty! With tremendous flair, Jo's passion flows into her skillful and distinctive jewelry in which she blends modernity with the ancient, tribal and earthy.

I'm a Jo Brody collector; Why? Because I love compliments on my unique jewelry. Jo's works of art brings them to me every time, at every occasion!

-Jacke Schroeder, Business Consultant