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Custom Work/ Repairs

I am pleased to introduce a new element of Jo Brody Design: a custom jewelry design, repair, and restringing service. Using my expertise and your well loved but unwearable pieces, I transform your treasures into beautiful, functional jewelry once again. If you’re like most women, you have special beaded necklaces that have come undone, lovely but outdated strands of pearls inherited from your mum, or the odd broken earring gathering dust in your jewelry box.

The most loved jewelry is often the hardest worn and eventually breaks from repeated wearings. You may not have the time, tools or experience to rework these old friends into wearable art, but I do! Whether it’s a clasp repair, a restringing, or a new pop of color on the tired silk cord that holds it all together, I'll inject new life into treasured pieces and odds and ends.I especially love to update high quality but stuffy pearl strands with new and fun color silk cord to modernize the piece. I can often make custom earrings to go with a restringing if extra beads are available.

Money stuff: I charge $50 per hour in labor plus the cost of any new materials needed to complete the piece. If I need to purchase a new clasp or other components, the labor time will include finding and purchasing the pieces.  Most jobs take between a half an hour and one hour. Custom designs vary widely, anywhere from 1-6 hours. A simple restring of a beaded piece that has come apart and still has the clasp will likely take under an hour. I require a minimum of a $20. for any project.