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In 2009 while at Quest Center I produced a book, Portraits in Healing; artistic pathways through breast cancer in concert with grants from the Regional Arts and Culture Council, the Gloria Kelman Fund and Quest Center funds. The book features artwork and writing from 20 women who have dealt with breast cancer on their own terms.  

You can read the book here by downloading the PDF (55MB).

The artwork, prose and poetry contained in the book are powerful and insightful, hip and irreverent, sad and uplifting and represent a diversity of life experiences and courageous spirits. The images are moving self-portraits, made from artwork in digital photography, embroidery and collage. The book tells the truth in words and images about what it's like to live with cancer as a chronic illness or as a terminal diagnosis and not just live, but live large.

Pat Jenkins
Pat Jenkins

Jo Brody is one of the most creative people I know. She has inspired me through her wonderful art workshops, and her joy for creative playfulness and exploration. Jo has the eye of an artist, finding beauty everywhere and creating something amazing.   Her beadwork is so engaging, beautifully made, and just makes the wearer feel especially lovely! I always enjoy seeing the new ways Jo can mix so many different materials and ideas and make something so surprising and delightful. If you want to wear a piece of art- Jo's jewelry is just the perfect thing. You can feel Jo's love of the creative spirit in every bead--what a gift!   Jo has made it possible for the clients in the Healing and Empowerment Breast Cancer Program at Quest Center for Integrative Health in Portland, Oregon to experience making art by creating supportive and innovative art workshops. As Program Manager Jo was awarded many grants for art workshops with a wide variety of talented artists and teachers. Jo’s passion for art and creativity enhanced the healing journey for many women in challenging times.   Jo, along with clients and artists in the community, collaborated in 2009 to create a beautiful and moving book, Portraits in Healing; Artistic Pathways Through Breast Cancer. All who contributed to this project have Jo to thank for her tireless work, her energy and creative ideas in making the book possible.   Thank you, Jo for sharing your art and yourself with us and being an inspiration on this path.

-Pat Jenkins