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Best New Year Wishes!


Best New Year Wishes!


Jo's PS  wordle

Happy 2012! My resolution? Embrace imperfection. I found this quote in my late mom's handwriting in a book of poetry. It was like she sent me a message to encourage and inspire me:   [quote]Blessed are the imperfect for theirs shall be the kingdom of love.

-Honoré de Balzac


Finding my mom's handwritten quote in a random book pulled from a bookshelf reminded me that I am being protected by her watchful presence and that no matter if I am feeling small or ineffective or wondering what my real purpose is for the day or for my life, there is a reason for all that I do or dream. In honor of divine inspiration I decided to gather together some inspiration into a pretty package. I made this "wordle" to express my resolutions for the New Year and to investigate the words and ideas that give me purpose and joy each day!

  Peace, Jo