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The Secret to Life


The Secret to Life


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I was perusing the web and found a wonderful video expressing something I was needing to hear today. If you have the time, and I know you do, listen and watch and learn from an old pro how to enjoy life.......simplicity, work and enjoyment. I learned about this video from Jude Hill, a blogger and quilt maker who keeps a site called SpiritCloth . Jude's blog is all about slowing down and watching the creative process unfold one stitch at a time.    Jude is an incredible inspiration, an advocate of the slow, the careful, the handmade. Her fabric work is full of oceanic indigos and earthy browns, rusty oranges and verdant greens. She offers imagery that includes moons, spirals, checkerboards; repetitive patterns mixed with the sense of random-ness. Reading her blog feels like you are sitting in her kitchen paging through her journals and notebooks and leaning over her carefully constructed textiles. Jude teaches via online tutorials from her rural home on Long Island, NY. She is the epitome of someone using internet technology in an earth loving way while retaining freshness and relevance for the benefit of others.