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Valentine Video From My Sweetheart


Valentine Video From My Sweetheart


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  My favorite thing about Valentine's Day (this is one of my fave holidays & there are a lot of things I love about it--heart socks, lacy pink teddies, chocolate all day long) are the beautiful handmade cards my husband makes for me. They are insanely romantic, hand-painted and the sentiments are truly unique; funny and quirky, just like him! I have them saved in a pretty, hand-made box in my bedroom and I often take them out and remind myself how lucky I am to have Mark Brody for my Valentine!   This morning at our annual Valentine's Day family breakfast, which I started years ago as an excuse to shower my boys with stuffed animals and Dutch baby pancakes, Mark told me that he was sorry, he didn't have a card for me but that he was sure I'd like my present if I could find it. Later in the day, he asked if I had read my emails and I said no. He told me to do so and I found a short email telling me to check my computer desktop for my gift. There I found a link to my first ever video Valentine's Day card; not just any old commercial video card but one made on iMovie, pieced together lovingly with a song by his favorite band, Gomez, made with a sense of musical timing and a lover's eye. There are dozens of family photos, mostly taken by me, pictures of the two of us, or of myself (hand-held self-portraits) or with friends or my kids.   I love that my man is a romantic. Thank you Mark! Happy valentine's Day, y'all!