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Well, it sure has been a while since I posted and I have no excuse except that as the saying goes, " life is for living". To my knowledge no one ever said, " life is for blogging", so there's my excuse. I been living! Art school at PNCA ( much drawing, some painting), jewelry design( yes I'm still at it so look for a post next week about my upcoming December shows) . Oh yes and parenting two teen boys. Whew! That's the real work and I love every minute of it ( on good days).... Please look at this incredible video my husband Mark Brody made for our 20th anniversary which we celebrated this August. My eldest son had a party for us. We were not invited. I digress. The pictures in "Timeless" are mostly mine. The editing genius and musical timing is all him.... I love you Mosaic Mark!  

Volunteer Today!


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A year ago I was laid off from a job I had for six years, a job I created because I felt a need in the community. (You can read all about it in the Healing Arts section of my website.) It was sort of an accident that I ended up getting paid for work that felt so good to my core. The Healing and Empowerment Program at Quest Center for Integrative Health served many people but it also served a need in me, the need to express gratitude for having made it through cancer treatment and for getting a big reality check every day about how lucky I was /am to still be here, living my life. That's what volunteering can be like! Not only are you helping others, you are getting something out of the bargain! 

CHAP Volunteers! from Celine O'Malley on Vimeo.

  Recently I have been volunteering at Portland's Children's Healing Art Project, a very cool organization that brings the joy of art making to sick kids in area hospitals and their families who are needing support too. You might think that I am working directly with kids, stringing golden beads with them for the Million Bead Project or getting messy with paint and glue side by side with smiling kids hooked up to IV's. Nope! The way CHAP differentiates those people who just need some extra community service or school credits and those who are going to be able to make longer term connections with the kids is to have volunteers make a 6-12 month commitment to working on projects in the CHAP art-y offices, gathering up art supplies, splatter painting their signature envelopes for event invitations or, and this is the fun activity everybody loves, gluing sequins on the brightly kid-painted items to be auctioned off to further support CHAP's mission. My 16-year old son has started accompanying me to volunteer, needing to do some volunteer hours for his High School Honor Society Club. I am trying to model how it's not the glamourous work that really needs the getting done but the behind the scenes work that any service organization runs on. And it's fun!   SO.... here's my pitch: Want to feel good about a couple of spare hours during the week that you weren't using any way? Volunteer Today! Maybe at CHAP or maybe at some organization whose mission you can really get behind. It feels good and makes the world a better place.

The Most Astounding Fact


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  You know how sometimes the most random things can "come across your desk" and shift your perspective just a bit? I think if you watch this video it will help you understand that we are all here on the planet to connect and support those around us by virtue of the fact that we are all connected, literally, not just by the same DNA but more elementally. We are all connected by the same matter that makes up every living thing on the planet. This means that what we each say and do is not separate and different and therefore "other" but we each affect every one and everything else with what we do or say. Whoa!!! That is some serious sh*&%@!!! I have been feeling a little adrift lately, having suffered a car accident at the hands of a young guy who didn't stop long enough at a stop sign and look carefully. It could happen to any one of us and I truly forgive him. I am just trying to get myself better and slowly, surely, I am. I have felt, though, as a result of this big whack, that my life is out of sorts and that while "everyone" else has a plan and is on the right path, I am drifting. I couldn't be further from the truth, it turns out. Because I am connected to everyone and everything on the planet, my being here now in this way, doing what I do, is part of what holds the entire thing together. Without me, a little chunk of "it all" wouldn't be complete. Ponder on that for an afternoon. Who YOU are means so much to the whole thing.  

The Secret to Life


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I was perusing the web and found a wonderful video expressing something I was needing to hear today. If you have the time, and I know you do, listen and watch and learn from an old pro how to enjoy life.......simplicity, work and enjoyment. I learned about this video from Jude Hill, a blogger and quilt maker who keeps a site called SpiritCloth . Jude's blog is all about slowing down and watching the creative process unfold one stitch at a time.    Jude is an incredible inspiration, an advocate of the slow, the careful, the handmade. Her fabric work is full of oceanic indigos and earthy browns, rusty oranges and verdant greens. She offers imagery that includes moons, spirals, checkerboards; repetitive patterns mixed with the sense of random-ness. Reading her blog feels like you are sitting in her kitchen paging through her journals and notebooks and leaning over her carefully constructed textiles. Jude teaches via online tutorials from her rural home on Long Island, NY. She is the epitome of someone using internet technology in an earth loving way while retaining freshness and relevance for the benefit of others.